LIXOS® natural stone veneers have redefined the natural limits of what is possible and revolutionised today’s design culture in the areas of aeroplane and yacht-building, architecture and product design.

LIXOS® is the only company in the world that can shape and fold particularly hard, solid plutonic rocks (igneous rocks), as if they were paper – and all this in three dimensions. The LIXOS® natural stone veneers are also so thin that, for the first time ever, it is possible to illuminate the oldest stones on our Earth.

For designers, architects, ship and aeroplane builders, this new use of a raw material that is millions of years old opens up previously undreamt-of dimensions when it comes to the design of our exclusive living spaces.

Where would you use natural stones if the weight of the stones no longer played a role and if they could be shaped as easily as paper?

Solar modules behind an ultralight stone facade – An atmospheric interior design with lamps made from natural stone – Floors and facades made with natural stone weighing just a fraction of the stone’s original weight – Complete stone domes with an exchange of light in both directions. All of this, and much more, is now possible with LIXOS® Natural Stone Veneers!

No other company in the world has the same level of expertise combined with the technical possibilities that LIXOS® has. We set new global standards in the natural stone industry and have revolutionised the design of daily living spaces.

LIXOS® – A real stone revolution