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We are writing stone history

Stone is the oldest raw material on the Earth and has been created by millions of years of elemental forces. It was witness to the fascinating origins of our Earth and has solidified over a very long period of time. Plutonic rock (plutonite, volcanic rock, matrix) has a characteristic texture and a fully crystalline structure, as can be seen in granite, syenite, gabbro, basalt or dolerite. Depending on the type of stone and the position of solidification, anything from fine-grain dolerite to large crystal granite can be formed.

But all plutonic rocks have one thing in common: They all have a particularly good materiality as they are all extremely hard and very difficult to work.

A high degree of experience in handling the raw material and a thorough knowledge of its behaviour in the different processing steps is needed to shape these stones according to your wishes. Our value chain combines thousands of years of craftsmanship, lived by our stonemasons, with the high-tech production facilities of tomorrow. In this environment, we redefine the limits of the application and processing possibilities of stone each and every day.

Here at LIXOS® we set new standards when it comes to the manufacturing of natural stone veneers and have made it possible to use natural stone veneers made from plutonic rock in a wide variety of ways in everyday living spaces for the very first time.

On the floor of a jet cabin, or on the hundred-metre high stone facade of a skyscraper – our LIXOS® natural stone veneers can be used for any application where the quality and durability requirements for the products are particularly high. And what’s more, we manufacture all of our products in Germany. With the “Made in Germany” stamp, our stone veneers are amongst the best currently available on the global market. Planners, building owners and partners build on this promise and value the outstanding quality of our products and LIXOS® precision in the high-end area.

Planning “new” and “unprecedented” designs require courage and trust in a partner like us, whose creative spirit can develop the perfect solution for every idea.

LIXOS® – a real stone revolution