LIXOS® Real Stone Glass

LIXOS® Natural Stone Veneers are so thin that even light shines through them. The colours, structures and textures of the stone shine in the light with an unprecedented intensity. The combination of LIXOS® Natural Stone Veneers and glass offers impressive possibilities, particularly in architectural applications. The texture of the material shines through and the history and origins of the stone become part of the living space. In addition to the natural backlighting from sunlight, it is also possible to add artificial backlighting for large translucent glass-stone facades in interior areas.


LIXOS® RSG Technology

LIXOS® Real Stone Glass product facts and features:

  • 0.5 – 1 mm thick depending on the desired translucency and malleability
  • Can be delivered in semi-manufactured form or built on EVA or another type of thermo-/thermosetting plastic
  • Available as float glass (stone compound), where the stone can be positioned in front of or behind the glass.
  • Available as a stone compound with heat-strengthened glass, tempered glass or laminated safety glass. The stone can be put in front of, behind or even between the glass, depending on your requirements and the application.
  • Standard size 2.5 x 1.3 m (other dimensions available upon request)

A real stone revolution

LIXOS® natural stone veneers have redefined the natural limits of what is possible and revolutionised today’s design culture in the areas of aeroplane and yacht-building, architecture and product design.

A real stone revolution

In order to move forward and realise something that seems impossible, you first have to look back. A look at the origins of the raw material and its mineral properties.

Here at LIXOS®, we combine thousands of years of craftsmanship with the technical achievements of today. We build our own machines within our high-tech value chain and push forward in regions where no-one before us has been able to. This has resulted in completely new areas of application for outstanding quality stone products that bear the stamp “Made in Germany”. Our products are among the best on the global market and are used in applications with particularly high quality and durability requirements.

LIXOS® – Craftsmanship and modern technology in perfect synch