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Stone Age. Humans.

Big things often start off small

You can only shape a stone to your wishes when you are really familiar with it. There is almost no other craft where a knowledge of the material, craftsmanship skills and creative passion are combined as closely as they are with stonemasonry. You need to have decades of experience to be able to perfectly master the processing possibilities of stone. Knowing how the material behaves in the different processing steps is the most valuable asset of our company and gives us an immense competitive advantage, particularly in high-end areas as there is currently no other company in the world working here.

In order to move forward and realise something that seems impossible, you first have to look back. A look at the origins of the raw material and its mineral properties.

Here at LIXOS®, we combine thousands of years of craftsmanship with the technical achievements of today. We build our own machines within our high-tech value chain and push forward in regions where no-one before us has been able to. This has resulted in completely new areas of application for stone.

LIXOS® – Craftsmanship and modern technology in perfect synch


The Lineage 1000E, one of the world’s largest business jets, with real stone floors.

Discover the Lineage 1000E


Ceiling lights made from 1 mm-thick stone in Australia House, London

Discover Australia House


Translucent dressing table – maximum elegance.

Discover the translucent dressing table


Safety First – helmet made with LIXOS® Real Stone Veneer

Discover the stone helmet