LIXOS Real Stone Veneered Objects

The LIXOS® RSV 3D Technology makes it possible to “petrify” all surfaces and it provides a particularly exclusive finishing for almost all objects and forms with our LIXOS® Real Stone Veneers. Our real stone veneers are an incredibly thin layer of stone that is only around 1 mm thick. Extremely hard plutonic rocks, a type of igneous rock, are particularly optically appealing. They are the oldest raw material on Earth and reflect the planet’s unique origins.

The natural stone veneers are extremely light, weighing just 1,700 g/m2 and three-dimensionally malleable thanks to our unique LIXOS® RSV 3D Technology. This means that the veneers can be applied to extremely complex or even curved surfaces, such as fittings in cars, yachts, jets or design objects such as caskets, spectacles or clocks.

We personally examine all our materials in quarries all over the world. We then carefully select them and transport them to our site in Oberkirch (Germany) where they are processed.

LIXOS ® RSV 3D Technology

As the only company in the world to produce 3D-malleable real stone veneers made from the hardest types of stone on Earth we combine thousands of years of traditional stonemason craftsmanship with our high-tech production facilities. Each day, we redefine the limits of what is possible in our factory in Germany with our LIXOS® Natural Stone Veneers.

An overview of the facts and features of LIXOS® Natural Stone Veneers:

  • Three-dimensionally malleable, thanks to the LIXOS® RSV 3D Technology
  • Original stone surfaces with thicknesses of approx. 0.6 – 2 mm
  • Can be used with a variety of base materials
  • Varnished and sanded surface
  • Polished stone surfaces
  • Very small radii possible without the optical effect of the product being affected
  • Net stone weight per square metre: approx. 1,700 g/m2 (in comparison, a 1 cm thick stone ist 35 times heavier: 60 kg/m2)
  • Compressive and tensile load strength: 5 kN with a test square of 2.5 cm2
  • Fire safety class A2 or B1

A real stone revolution

LIXOS® natural stone veneers have redefined the natural limits of what is possible and revolutionised today’s design culture in the areas of aeroplane and yacht-building, architecture and product design.

A real stone revolution

In order to move forward and realise something that seems impossible, you first have to look back. A look at the origins of the raw material and its mineral properties.

Here at LIXOS®, we combine thousands of years of craftsmanship with the technical achievements of today. We build our own machines within our high-tech value chain and push forward in regions where no-one before us has been able to. This has resulted in completely new areas of application for outstanding quality stone products that bear the stamp “Made in Germany”. Our products are among the best on the global market and are used in applications with particularly high quality and durability requirements.

LIXOS® – Craftsmanship and modern technology in perfect synch