Research & Development

We are living through one of the most interesting periods of human history. The rate of change seems unlimited and changes entire areas of life. Here at LIXOS®, not only do we look forward, but we also look back to the history and origins of the plutonic stones of our planet that we use in our products. We use these plutonic stones to design the environments of our clients and in doing so, we transform stone into a unique object of today’s design culture.

For us, “developing something new” means moving forward. Going where no one has ever gone before, driven by a never-ending curiosity and creating new innovations with a strong creative spirit. All of this makes LIXOS® a unique company, as we are currently the only company in the world that can process stone in such a complex way to produce such high-quality products. We set new standards all around the world when it comes to the exclusive design of our living spaces. And we are only just getting started.

LIXOS® – A real stone revolution