Stone as light and malleable as paper

The thin stone technology from LIXOS® has revolutionised the stone industry and made it possible to use stone in many areas of application where it has not been possible to do so until now
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LIXOS® Real Stone Veneered Objects

Exclusive 3D surface finishing with LIXOS® Natural Stone Veneers
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LIXOS® Real Lightweight Construction

Ideal for use in architecture and in yacht and aeroplane construction
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LIXOS® Reals Stone Glass

When stone begins to glow – The translucent LIXOS® Natural Stone Veneers
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We are writing stone history

LIXOS® has developed the world’s first patented procedure that frees natural stone from its weight and allow it to be shaped three-dimensionally
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The LIXOS® Natural Stone Veneers set new standards around the world. They open up new dimensions for designers, architects and stone-lovers and offer a previously undreamt-of variety when it comes to designing day-to-day living spaces and all the objects and products in them. LIXOS® has transformed the oldest raw material on Earth into an exclusive object for today’s contemporary design culture.

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The Lineage 1000E, one of the world’s largest business jets, with real stone floors.

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Ceiling lights made from 1 mm-thick stone in Australia House, London

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Translucent dressing table – maximum elegance.

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Safety First – helmet made with LIXOS® Real Stone Veneer

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AXOR MyEdition

Taps that set new standards

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9th Avenue, New York

Real stone lamps in a New York lobby

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Trade Fair, Dubai

LIXOS® is at the Big 5 Trade Fair in Dubai

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World Architecture Festival 2018, Amsterdam

LIXOS® is at the World Architecture Festival 2018 in Amsterdam

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UBS, Zurich

A translucent lift system in the headquarters of the Swiss high-street bank

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