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Translucent bathroom

The backlit thin stone veneer used as ceiling panelling makes a trip to the toilet like going on a journey to a whole other world. The light that shines through the stone highlights the natural patterns that have formed over thousands of years. The puristic style of this room design requires technical elements to be hidden as much as possible. For this reason, the toilet flush is installed behind the stone and cannot be seen immediately. It is operated entirely by sensors and therefore does not need to be touched.

Product LIXOS® Real Stone Veneer
Application Bathroom
Technology LIXOS® Real Stone Glass Technology
Wand and ceiling materials Cosmic black, gneiss from Brazil, 20 mm
Washbasin materials Irish Green, marble from Ireland
Floor materials Hadrian, marble from Greece
Stone thickness 20 mm
Surface Matte finish (honed)
Client Jogerst Steintechnologie