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St. Nicholas Church, New York

Built in 1832, St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church in Manhattan, New York City, was completely destroyed when Tower 2 of the World Trade Center collapsed during the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. The renowned Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava was commissioned to rebuild the church.

Now, on the World Trade Center complex, the Greek Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas shines in white-gray stone. A building of light, encased in marble. Spaces of tranquility, in the middle of a big city.

The LIXOS® Real Stone Glass Technology enables an ultra-thin translucent stone facade, allowing daylight to shine into the building with varying degrees of brightness. In contrast, the interior light of the church illuminates the marble facade at night. A tranquil and luminous place amidst the skyscrapers of Liberty Street in New York.

Product LIXOS® Real Stone Veneer
Application Church facade
Technology LIXOS® Real Stone Glass Technology / Glass Inspiration
Materials Marble / Greek
Stone Thickness 1 mm
Surface Stone in glass composite
Customer Greek Orthodox community
Architect Santiago Calatrava
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