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AXOR MyEdition - AXOR taps set new standards

Luxurious bathroom mixers, custom-finished with marble – LIXOS® Real Stone Veneer

Dare to be different. Making the desire for uniqueness come true. Breaking new ground. This is what Hansgrohe’s AXOR MyEdition represents. The clear, straightforward design creates the limelight for self-fulfilment.

LIXOS® Real Stone Veneers make it possible for you to have real stone in your bathroom. A shell made from metal encased in a stunning marble outer. An exclusive selection of materials with a new haptic experience.



Product LIXOS® Real Stone Veneer
Application Taps
Technology LIXOS® Real Stone Veneer Technology
Materials Marble
Stone thickness 20 mm
Surface Matte finish (honed)
Client Hansgrohe
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